Jan. 14th, 2009

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i have finally reached an opinion. (it only took a year and a half)

i officially like book seven. hooray! i feel there should be fanfare or something ::shrug::

anyway, as the vast majority of you know, i tend to read and/or listen to jim dale reading the harry potter book series more than should be generally allowed. i'm obsessive, i realize. it's one of only a precious few things that get me Genuinely Excited (and usually Thoroughly Overexcited), so i give myself leeway to flail spasmodically whenever i deem necessary. i usually never get to the end of book seven. something comes up where i have to read something else, i leave the cds in my car, i get in said car with someone (like my roommate) who has no interest whatsoever in harry potter, etc. it always seems to end up that i get to right before the last battle and i derail somehow.

well, i got there today on the way to the gym. it's funny because i remember everything that happens in 'deathly hallows' just like i remember everything that happens in 'order of the phoenix': i know what happens obviously, but the details are a bit hazy. i got to 'the prince's tale' today and absolutely fell in love with the story all over again. at the same time, i got really Thoroughly Overexcited.

now, i don't like snape. i've never liked him. i will say that his character is intriguing and probably the most complex of the series, but i just don't like him. i don't even like him in fandom. BUT this chapter makes me like him. it excites me and completely annoys me at the same time. i don't want to like snape, because in every other context (but this chapter, it seems) i really don't like him. it's awesome, really.

i LOVE seeing the characters i've grown to love (and hate) when they were younger. my favorite chapter in godawful book five is 'snape's worst memory' because i LOVE seeing the marauders when they were fifteen, even if they were little asshats. therefore, it's no surprise that i love love LOVE going through snape's memories, yet again, and seeing severus, lily, petunia and all when they were little. i, of course, remembered what i call 'the important bits,' like that petunia wrote to dumbledore trying to get into hogwarts, but i completely forgot that when they finally get on the hogwart's express, lily is in a compartment sitting right next to an eleven-year-old james. i LOVE that her narrative points out how well-kept and loved james looks in stark contrast to snape, and therefore harry.

i also nearly crashed my car with the flailing (i know you think i'm kidding--i'm not.) when james says "imagine being in slytherin. i think i'd leave" to sirius, which is the exact same thing draco malfoy says to harry in 'diagon ally' in book one about hufflepuff. LOVE LOVE LOVE!

i also nearly had a minor aneurysm when snape gets sorted into slytherin. he goes to sit down at the table and lucius malfoy "prefect badge glinting on his chest" leans over and pats him on the shoulder. i LOVE seeing a sixteen-year-old lucius! that's BRILLIANT! and later, when lily and snape are talking about snape's friends: the dropped names are amazing! mulciber and avery! how awesome is that! it's brilliant.

that scene when snape is in dumbledore's office in harry's first year and snape is reciting off a litany of harry's shortcomings... i love how calm and disinterested dumbledore seems to be. and that final line, just thrown off casually, "keep an eye on quirrel, would you?" guh! i love this woman.

MAN i love these books! i was talking to [livejournal.com profile] scarletcurls last week about celebrity crushes and i admitted that my biggest celebrity crush (as in, an embarrassing, but real crush) is on the character of harry potter. not daniel radcliffe, not jkr, but the actual fictional character of harry potter. geekdom has no boundaries, apparently.

'deathly hallows' isn't my favorite book; that title still rests safely in 'half-blood prince's capable hands, but it's up there in rank now. there are parts i really LOVE (hence, my random soapbox moment) but there are also parts i really don't like ::cough cough epilogue cough:: i'm just glad to finally have a good, solid opinion. hooray.

alright, i think i've ranted for long enough. it's nearly 4am and i should sleep.
hooray deathly hallows! i'm gonna go dream about my celebrity crush ::grin::


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