Jan. 18th, 2009

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so, i was going through my books today, looking for a notebook i used to have, and i came across my old journal. y'know, the hand-written kind that you used to have to hide somewhere so mom wouldn't find it? my journal has pictures in it and notes, poems and instant messenger conversations that were printed out and pasted in. it's much like this one, now that i come to think of it.

but in the back, in an envelope i got around a birthday card in 1998, i have a small cache of photos, movie stubs, and other memorabilia that i completely forgot about. it made me realize just how cheesy and sentimental i am.

i still have a letter my friend sara wrote to me in senior year of high school.
i still have a movie stub from the first time i saw 'lord of the rings' with all my friends.
i still have a printed out photo of 'cupid and psyche' that moll took in paris.
i still have the vampire tarot deck i got from matthew for my 20th birthday.

i still have the electronic scantron score card from the laser-tag place arthur took me to on our first ever date back in october 2002.

there is seriously something wrong with me.
at the same time, though, i find it kind of endearing (if one can feel endearing towards oneself?) that i valued these completely random bits of scrap paper enough to tuck them away in the back of my journal to find again later. and the best part is, they made me smile.
i'm such a sap.


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