Jan. 29th, 2009

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i'm inexplicably emo today. not entirely sure why.

in other news, i'm down nine pounds. good, but not the ten i was hoping for by the end of january. who knows, maybe i'll lose another one in two days. it's been known to happen. ::shrug:: we got some super cute swim suits in at the store a couple weeks ago. i really like them, but i'm avoiding them like the plague. again, i blame public high school with a swimming phys ed requirement. bah.

my birthday is two weeks away and i'm feeling stupidly old. i thought your twenties were supposed to be the best years of your life or something. if these are the best years of my life, i'm not sure i'm really looking forward to the rest of it all, thanks. financial instability makes me cranky, weight loss makes my abs hurt, moving once a year or so makes me really unhappy. i can only hope this doesn't predict the rest of my life.

along the same vein, i think my biological clock is ticking. a good portion of my friends got married last summer and a few more are scheduled for this year. i keep seeing babies everywhere, probably because when i'm on the floor at work, i'm usually up on third where the baby/maternity/kids stuff lives. i was in the grocery today around 5:30, which apparently is prime time for daddies to take their little ones shopping for dinner. oy.
i know i've got nothing to complain about, but still. i can't help but feel i'm going to die alone, unmarried and never get the chance to pass on all my harry potter nonsense to my poor, unsuspecting spawn. yes, i actually think about these things. isn't that tragic? i thought so.

oy. i need out of this stupid funk. i blame the ridiculous weather.
bloody winter.


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