Feb. 2nd, 2009

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dude. i had one of those rarely amazing shopping days.

i'm going to the opera on my birthday and i wasn't sure what to wear. after all, i know people don't wear ridiculous formal gowns to the opera anymore, but i know that anything i have for the winter isn't going to be nice enough. so, i headed out shopping. now, i hate shopping with a burning bloody passion, but i actually had an amazingly good day!

i got this dress (which looks a lot better on me, ps) and these shoes, which i've actually been wanting since i went out to texas for scott's wedding last summer. payless is having a HUGE sale (like 70% off) and they were only $40. how could i pass that up, right?

so then, since i was over there and had time to kill, i went to the old navy right across the street and bought this. yes, that's right. a swim suit. i've not owned a swim suit in a good six or seven years. not only have i bought one, but it actually looks semi-decent on me! HOORAY!!! this makes me infinitely happy.

i also picked up random bits of other things, but those are the important purchases. i'm SO excited to actually have a swim suit i can wear and not feel like a stuffed sausage. i'm also super psyched about my dress and boots, which are going to look fantastic at the opera next thursday.

yeah. great day, i feel ::grin::

EDIT: ps, the white grapefruit oil diffuser from old navy smells incredible. my whole room smells like an orchard right now. it's AWESOME.


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