Feb. 18th, 2009

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have you guys ever heard of your 'five'?
as in the top five celebrities you get a free go with, just in case the opportunity ever presents itself? your significant other can't be mad at you (mainly because the likelihood of such a situation ever happening is beyond ludicrous) because he/she is part of your 'five' apparently. i heard this theory a couple years back and it's been entertaining me ever since. my 'five' changes quite a bit, but there are a few that have survived the cut for years now.

until recently that is. as of last night, gareth david-lloyd has bumped everyone down a peg and replaced christian bale as number one of my five.

the list currently stands thus:
1. gareth david-lloyd
2. christian bale
3. jonathan rhys meyers
4. catherine zeta jones
5. daniel craig

my number five spot changes periodically depending on what i've seen recently. for example, if i've watched 'desperado' in the past month or so, antonio banderas tends to take the spot. similarly, if i've watched 'chocolat,' johnny depp fills in. orlando bloom busts his way through circa 'pirates 3' and they're all in trouble if i've watched 'fight club' in the recent past. then both brad pitt and edward norton force their way on, kicking both whoever number five is and catherine zeta jones off for a bit. it's a complex bit of stupid useless thinking.

granted, if i'm going for absolutely out there, never ever going to happen bullshit, i might as well just say without fear of scrutiny or embarrassment that harry potter would absolutely be number one (sorry gdl). i don't think he counts though, as he's a fictional character, therefore i'll stick with gareth for now.

so my question to you, oh friends list mine, is: who would be in your five?


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