Apr. 12th, 2009

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well, i am home. and i'm actually brown! well, relatively at least.
the vacation was highly relaxing and amazingly warm. i read five books in seven days (two neil gaiman novels and three horrible cheesy romance novels), which is the mark of a good vacation in my book.

i'm annoyed that i have to work today, but at least it's not that long of a day. plus, i'm in the box, so i'll sit there and stare off at the wall and daydream. not too shabby.

on a slightly less cheerful note, nine (my hamster) has a ginormous tumor on his left inner thigh. i know hamsters can get tumors rather frequently, though none of mine have ever had one. i don't really know what to do about it. he won't let me touch him because he's a completely antisocial asshat and always was, so i can't even really look at it properly. i know that people pay shit tons of money to get their hamsters surgery to remove said tumors, but i don't have a shit ton of money, nor do i think it's particularly worth it. does that make me a bad person? i just hope he's not in pain at all. he looks just as surly and fluffy as ever, so i'll just assume he's fine for now and try to make him comfortable. sad.

for some reason, i was waking up at the asscrack of dawn on vacation. like, ten to eight in the morning (which was actually ten to seven chicago time), so i woke up needlessly early this morning, which means i'll be exhausted by 11pm. eww. oh well. i'm off tomorrow. i can sleep all day if i want.

in other news, miller has stolen one of my fuzzy sheep slippers to sleep with. it is adorable. he never chews on shoes, he just sleeps with them. we have an odd dog.


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