May. 18th, 2009

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well kids, it's happened. thanks to [personal profile] aki_hoshi, i've gotten a dreamwidth. i will be cross posting everything to and from my livejournal (at the same name), once i figure out how exactly i do that.

feel free to add me and such.
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well, thanks to [ profile] aki_hoshi, i now have a dreamwidth account. i'm under the same name, so please friend me as i honestly can't remember who has one and who does not at this point. i'm planning on cross-posting everything between the two (granted i can figure out how...), though livejournal has been my home for seven years now (!!!) and i don't plan on leaving. this will remain my "main" journal, if you will. i just know that some people will be posting more there, etc.

again, please friend me or send me a message or whatever.


May. 18th, 2009 04:50 pm
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i feel like shit.

i feel like i'm cutting off all my friends in an act of selfish stupidity. why is it that i'm always more worried about other peoples' feelings rather than my own? i should probably work on that, but at the same time, i'm just trying to be a good person. then when i do pull a selfish act and try to put myself forward it's not even worth it because of the overwhelming guilt i feel. i'm just... trying to be a good friend, but do what's right for me.

and i fucked up. again.
christ today sucks.


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