well fuck

Apr. 24th, 2009 07:54 pm
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y'know. i just really wish life would knock it off.
i have had (with some obvious exceptions, of course) the worst 48 hours in existence.

i think i might just give myself over to a melodramatic self-pity party.
except i can't afford ice cream.
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why is it, i wonder, that just when everything seems to be going right, some cosmic brilliance decides to fuck with my car?

my very nice one-year-old car.

i hate my life.

EDIT! the very nice AAA guy got my car working again! hooray! it was the battery, just as i thought, but he didn't even have to replace it. it just needed a jump (which i had already tried, but apparently his battery is much bigger and more macho than kate's car's) and some lovins. hooray!
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they're green and prone to fraying...

i was a bit wonky a few days back, but mass induced cuddling tends to fix that. looks like the new house is going along swimmingly, so that's good news. devon's back in town for a week or so and there will be craziness involved on thursday. i'm looking forward to it.

the wedding dress is looking good as of now. i'm still terrified to cut the damn lace, but i'll get over it. i've got a fitting (hopefully) with my lady on saturday, so we'll see how the latest installment of muslin mock-up looks. i think this one should do it.
also, thank GOD for tracy. she and i used to work at steppenwolf together and now she's hooked me up with a wardrobe job over at chicago opera theatre. lord knows i could use the cash. that and brenda emailed me about more alterations for theatre at the center in indiana.
who knows, perhaps i might actually make rent this month...

other than that, life is pretty good lately.
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jesus bloody christ.

THIS is why i will miss [livejournal.com profile] scarletcurls more than anything.
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finally saw last week's episode. whut.
i totally blame devon for getting me hooked on this show.
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well, i am home. and i'm actually brown! well, relatively at least.
the vacation was highly relaxing and amazingly warm. i read five books in seven days (two neil gaiman novels and three horrible cheesy romance novels), which is the mark of a good vacation in my book.

i'm annoyed that i have to work today, but at least it's not that long of a day. plus, i'm in the box, so i'll sit there and stare off at the wall and daydream. not too shabby.

on a slightly less cheerful note, nine (my hamster) has a ginormous tumor on his left inner thigh. i know hamsters can get tumors rather frequently, though none of mine have ever had one. i don't really know what to do about it. he won't let me touch him because he's a completely antisocial asshat and always was, so i can't even really look at it properly. i know that people pay shit tons of money to get their hamsters surgery to remove said tumors, but i don't have a shit ton of money, nor do i think it's particularly worth it. does that make me a bad person? i just hope he's not in pain at all. he looks just as surly and fluffy as ever, so i'll just assume he's fine for now and try to make him comfortable. sad.

for some reason, i was waking up at the asscrack of dawn on vacation. like, ten to eight in the morning (which was actually ten to seven chicago time), so i woke up needlessly early this morning, which means i'll be exhausted by 11pm. eww. oh well. i'm off tomorrow. i can sleep all day if i want.

in other news, miller has stolen one of my fuzzy sheep slippers to sleep with. it is adorable. he never chews on shoes, he just sleeps with them. we have an odd dog.
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just because it means
that you must have finally got to sleep last night

well, kids. i'm off on vacation tomorrow for a week. hopefully i'll come back brown and relaxed as opposed to red and/or covered in hives. i love being allergic to sunscreen, y'know?

i tend to rate my vacations according to how many books i've consumed on beaches, sipping pina coladas and getting tan. i'll let you know how that all works out.

as for now, see you when i get back!
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i never wanted anything so much
than to drown in your love and not feel your rain

you know, at the risk of jinxing it, my life is remarkably drama free right now.
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i don't know what you smoke
or what countries you've been to
if you speak any other languages other than your own
i'd like to meet you

i don't know if you drive
if you love the ground beneath you
i don't know if you write letters or you panic on the phone
i'd like to call you
all the same

if you want to
i am game

i don't know if you can swim
if the sea has any draw for you
if you're better in the morning or when the sun goes down
i'd like to call you

i don't know if you can dance
if the thought ever occurred to you
if you eat what you've been given or you push it 'round your plate
i'd like to cook for you
all the same

i would want to
i am game

if you walk my way
i could keep my head
we could creep away in the dark
or maybe not
we could shoot it down anyway

i don't know if you read novels or the magazines
if you love the hand that feeds you
i assume that your heart's been bruised
i'd like to know you

you don't know if i can draw at all
or what records i am into
if i sleep like a spoon or rarely at all
or maybe you would do
or maybe you would do

if you walk my way
i will keep my head
we will feel our way through the dark
though i don't know you, i think that i would do
i don't fall easy at all
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for the record, i'm bloody terrified about this wedding dress.

it's made out of lace. bridal lace (of course) and since it's an empire waist, said lace needs to be at least 45" long. and since this is a 'for realz' wedding dress, it has to be good bridal lace. lace that costs at least $70 a yard.

i think i just soiled myself a little.

WHY in the name of christ did i think i could do this...?
i need whiskey.


Mar. 13th, 2009 02:18 am
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for the record, i fucking love curry.

that is all.
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i just agreed to make another wedding dress. OY! why do i do this to myself?
because i need the money, that's why.

bloody hell.
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just don't ask me

ps, apparently i have dimples now? ...the fuck? i wasn't aware one could develop dimples, but evidently it's possible. i know i've recently endured a quarter-life crisis and all, but even i can't pretend they're wrinkles.

dimples. huh.

also, i think i'm finally catching the cold that's going around. joy.

in other news, boys are snuggly and warm. and sarah from work is still adorable.
and i'm horribly sleep deprived. i should get on that.
that is all.
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so, work yesterday was complete crap, but at least it ended well. today wasn't much better on the work front, but at least i got to sit after the workout i put my poor thighs through this morning.
seriously, this gym thing is going to kill my legs by the time i'm done.

saw the new house last night. it's gonna be awesome once we navigate couch placement and such. i'm going to have to get used to living with cats again, but ::shrug:: stella is still my number one girl, so at least i'll have a friendly cat to sneeze on.

other than that, life's pretty good right now. certainly can't complain.

in other news, i try really hard not to be hypocritical and bash other fandoms, especially given my harry potter obsession, but this whole 'twilight' business is starting to seriously grate on my nerves.

i just want your kiss boy, i just want your kiss
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i realized about five minutes ago that my life has officially turned into the sweetest thing.

i'm ok with that.
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have you guys ever heard of your 'five'?
as in the top five celebrities you get a free go with, just in case the opportunity ever presents itself? your significant other can't be mad at you (mainly because the likelihood of such a situation ever happening is beyond ludicrous) because he/she is part of your 'five' apparently. i heard this theory a couple years back and it's been entertaining me ever since. my 'five' changes quite a bit, but there are a few that have survived the cut for years now.

until recently that is. as of last night, gareth david-lloyd has bumped everyone down a peg and replaced christian bale as number one of my five.

the list currently stands thus:
1. gareth david-lloyd
2. christian bale
3. jonathan rhys meyers
4. catherine zeta jones
5. daniel craig

my number five spot changes periodically depending on what i've seen recently. for example, if i've watched 'desperado' in the past month or so, antonio banderas tends to take the spot. similarly, if i've watched 'chocolat,' johnny depp fills in. orlando bloom busts his way through circa 'pirates 3' and they're all in trouble if i've watched 'fight club' in the recent past. then both brad pitt and edward norton force their way on, kicking both whoever number five is and catherine zeta jones off for a bit. it's a complex bit of stupid useless thinking.

granted, if i'm going for absolutely out there, never ever going to happen bullshit, i might as well just say without fear of scrutiny or embarrassment that harry potter would absolutely be number one (sorry gdl). i don't think he counts though, as he's a fictional character, therefore i'll stick with gareth for now.

so my question to you, oh friends list mine, is: who would be in your five?
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[livejournal.com profile] laina_lou just called me. FROM ITALY.

this day is AMAZING.
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...and i chopped eight inches off my hair.
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devon: OMG !!!! You, yes YOU can sparkle like Edward...
oh the stupidity. it HURTS
devon: hahahahahaa
me: AND it's completely SOLD OUT!
devon: of course it is
me: my life is over
i have no body glitter in the shape of cedric diggory
oh wait
i mean... edward the vampire boy of my dreeeeeeams
::slits wrists::
devon: hahhaha
either way, get over it, he is DEAD
dead, but sparkly
and we know how i get distracted by shiny objects
devon: oh go to boys town
edward the gay vampire!
all the bella wannabes will cry with the injustice of it all
(and then slash their little heads off)
devon: he will suck the fabulous right out of your designer neck
me: ::laughs::
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"I'm going to keep going until I succeed -- or I die trying. Don't think I don't know how this might end. I've known it for years."

there's always one line that just gets me whenever i read a book or short story. that's the one from dh.

in other news, what the hell am i supposed to do with fifty-three user icons!? i barely use the ones i have. oy.